Thursday, April 18, 2013

Regional peace gatherings happen all year

As mid-June draws nearer, folks get very excited about the annual gathering of the tribes of the rainbow family of living light. If you don't know about rainbow gatherings, go to Welcome Home to learn more about the history of gatherings along with current events. On this website, you will find photos, videos, many links to many sites and events as well as news about the latest annual gathering. This year, the annual gathering will take place some where in Montana.

This photo was taken during a regional memorial gathering in the Ochoco National Forest in 2007.
Visit Summer Breeze's facebook for more information about these memorial regional gatherings. Look for the group Mountain Spirit Tribe.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

It's time for another annual peace gathering

The excitement always builds this time of year as folks from around the nation prepare for their annual pilgrimage into the forest to attend the peace prayer gathering. I'm referring to the annual gathering of the tribes of the rainbow family of living light. You can read more about these assemblies at

This year, the gathering will take place somewhere in the state of Montana. As I'm writing this, folks are traveling from around the country to reach Montana before next weekend where a scout rendezvous and a weekend 4/20 gathering will take place. This is a time when folks will discuss possible sites and scouting. Folks who want to learn more should attend this weekend gathering and be ready to drive the mountains of Montana for a few weeks to scout possible annual gathering sites. This is an experience of a lifetime. I have done this a few times with my partner Cephas and a few friends.

I will have more information as time progresses. For now, Karin Zirk has the latest news and the first upcoming events. Read Karin's rainbow blog for the Montana 2013 gathering, here.

See you all in the woods this July 1-7th some place in Montana!

Peace be with you. Lovin you all!
Summer Breeze

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Stylish Scrub Clothing for Women

Medical uniforms are not the most flattering outfits to wear every day to work.  But now there is a company that has created a line of nursing scrubs that is more flattering in both design, colors, and the unique slimming style. If you want to go chic then visit Blue Sky Scrubs and check out this fantastic line of scrub clothing made uniquely for the woman who wants to add a little fashion to her work wardrobe. You will love the slimming effect that complements any figure by design alone. Actually, I think they have succeeded in creating the world's first "sexy" scrub uniforms for both men and women. Don't take my word for it though. Go over to their website and check out the styles for yourself. Better yet, order one today and try on the difference. The compliments will speak louder than any recommendation I could give.

Remember those drab square scrubs made in flat loud colors? I wore them often enough to know how uncomfortable they felt. When I looked in the mirror I looked like a square box and no matter how I tried to tuck the pant legs, the old uniforms made me look even bigger for my short body. I am so impressed with these new style scrub pants that I am telling all my friends to make the switch. Get stylish today and feel better about your figure when you go to work at the hospital or nursing home or doctor's office. Your confidence in how you look really will affect how you perform at work. This is a perk that should inspire you to revamp your entire scrub wardrobe today!

The Midnight Writer

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Turmoil in Egypt and Middle East warrants strong Prayers

Ever since the protests in Egypt began I've been praying harder for Egypt, the Middle East and all the people who live there. I am very aware that prayers for the whole world are needed at this time for all the violent eruptions in nature and among mankind. These are turbulent times indeed which really makes me take heed to all the prophetic warnings for these times. As people on this planet, we should sit up and take notice.

It was only a matter of time according to the line up of world events and the climate of our social order. Morality has declined to a point that is appalling to any decent persons. Yet the level of immorality that will be tolerated is shocking and the average person doesn't bat an eyelash because of conditioning. This is a deliberate act to destroy the fabric of morality and to make people more apathetic and compliant to violence in their face without taking action.

Indeed pray much because we need God's intervention now more than ever before in time. Pray really hard for decency and justice to come back on this earth. Start inside by examining your own heart to find out if there is any evil inside you to deal with before attempting to proselytize redemption to any one. Jesus Christ taught that each person has to face God in the end so why not start in this life on a daily basis. Wake up to the reality of truth and figure out where you walk from there.

The Midnight Writer

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Journey for Peace is an Eternal Quest

I know that peace on this earth is almost an impossible dream because the people who inhabit this planet have to find peace within themselves in order to make it a universal global reality. That is a gigantic undertaking that commenced when God created man on earth and it will continue to be a work in progress until Christ returns to claim His Kingdom. I still believe that humanity must strive every day to find this place in their hearts and minds as individuals and then figure out how to project it into the world around them. Each word and each act has an impact on every one and every thing because we are universally interconnected. God planned it that way because that is the only way we can love one being connected. If we were placed on earth to please our selves, what would be the point of existence?

Learning to love one another as we love ourselves is the only true path to peace. Learning to love ourselves comes with accepting who we are in relationship to our creator God and His infinite creation. Belief in your self worth as a creation by God opens the door to loving yourself enough to see God in you so you can love God and ultimately reach out to love others who exist on this planet with you.

Just my thoughts on this......
Summer Breeze

Saturday, January 08, 2011

What About Carmen San Diego?

Guest written by our friend Clara Castro

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? Am I the only one who loves this show? I was so shocked recently when I stumbled across this show on Direct TV HD DVR. This was my all time favorite show as a kid and I have found that I still love it just the same. I was amazed that it is still on the air. They are old reruns, but still teach all of the same things. This is a great show to help children learn more about maps and locations. I think that this show definitely needs to be revamped and made new. Kids all over will be sure to love it just as much as I did when I was young.

I am so surprised that more people do not remember this show and all of its geographical teachings. It seems that many people never watched it and I do not understand why. These days it is hard to find a good quality children's show that actually teaches something important. This is one of the shows that could possibly help bring back educational television from for kids.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

"A Christmas Carol" 1951 version and I still believe in it!

Posted by Virgil Burks

There are many different versions of "A Christmas Carol" but my favorite is the one staring Alistair Sim. He is a British actor and is marvelous as Scrooge.

Every December, as Christmas is almost here,my sister,two of my nieces and I watch "A Christmas Carol" the non animated version special on satellite television from

The movie reminds me every year to stop and review just what is important in my life. After I watch the movie, I find myself wondering if I had given of myself in all the ways, I feel truly matter. The movie stirs a peaceful and loving place inside me at holiday time.

"A Christmas Carol" takes place in such a nostalgic manner and the different time changes are so well portrayed in the 1951 film version. The style of the clothing and the sound effects, have a way of drawing me into the entire movie.

All the characters are well developed and evoke so many different emotions in anyone who is watching them.

I think Alistair Sim's excellent portrayal of Scrooge makes you believe the actual story plot. What a wonderfully spirited Christmas Story! I love watching it many times each Christmas Season.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hitting the Slopes

Guest post written by Joseph Finch

Tamara and I hit the slopes of Keystone yesterday. It was brilliant. The sun was perfect; the snow just packed enough to give you the ride of your life. You ever had one of those pristine days? This was it. The cold air, the glare of the sun of miles of white snow, and the rush of the air as it whisks passed. Perfection. At least once we hit the slopes. The day had started a littler rougher than that.

I'd woken up to the sounds of distant ringing. It always take the brain a while to start firing, when it did I realized it was the phone. It couldn't be the boss, it was Saturday. So that left family or some one I didn't have a mind to talk to. Not to mention it was much too early, I had thought to myself as I glanced over at the alarm clock. Seven a.m. on a Saturday was nearly criminal. I finally managed to locate the phone to hear Tamara voice. Seems here and Cadence had gone to splits. And there was only one cure for that. It was a good thing my gear was already packed up in the car. It always is during the season. I barely managed to get a comb through the hair, and enter the alarm code for the home security system from before I was heading out for a day of girl time and snow.